"Rare Bird" awarded at the Brive Festival

01 September 2020

Vasco Saltão's first short film has just been awarded the Distribution Prize at the Festival de Brive, which ended on 30 August at the Cinema Rex and the Luminor Hotel de Ville in France.

"Rare Bird" was part of the international competition at the Brive Film Festival. The 30-minute short film is Vasco Saltão's debut as a director and it was produced by Terratreme Filmes.

"They all say that you killed an Angel. Who says that? They. It’s not an Angel. It isn’t? No. It’s a rare bird, just like you and me.” These sentences sum up the plot of the film that in 2019 had its premiere at Curtas Vila do Conde, a festival where it won the prize for Best Film in the Portuguese Competition.

The director was born in Lisbon and graduated from the Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema. Since 2002 he has been working professionally in Cinema, in the areas of Screenwriting and Image, having worked with directors such as Leonor Noivo, Pedro Pinho, João Salaviza, Carlos Conceição, Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra, among others.

The Brive Film Festival, founded in 2004, is entirely dedicated to medium format films until today. Every year, it has more than 100 screenings, competitive and thematic selections, tributes, educational selections, round tables and live music.

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